Saratoga Springs

Saratoga Springs is booming! Like no other city there is rapid growth in all directions, which means there are lots of new homes and businesses that need new floors. We know there are a lot of floor covering options out there, and since we’ve been in the business for over 40 years, we can help you get the perfect thing for your home and lifestyle because we’ve seen it all.

Carpet is extremely popular in Saratoga Springs. Since Saratoga is growing quickly and there are lots of young families, carpet is a great option! Carpet can be easily cleaned, it’s soft, affordable, and extremely kid friendly. With babies crawling on the floors and toddlers tripping often, it’s nice for them to have a soft surface to land on. It’s also warm and great for big group gatherings when there’s not enough chairs and family is sitting on the floor. In Saratoga we see lots of carpet through the entire house, including bedrooms, family rooms, and basements.

Hardwood is also a great option that increases your home’s value. It’s a natural surface which means each plank will be unique. It is an investment, but it is timeless, always in style, and really adds to the home’s style and feel.

LVP is a wonderful, less expensive alternative to wood. It looks like wood, but it’s more family friendly. It’s typically half the price of wood, and it has a wear layer on top that makes it very scratch and dent resistant. LVP is the most popular hard surface in Saratoga Springs because of its great cost and looks.

Tile is popular in bathrooms and laundry rooms. We have done many backsplashes, fireplaces, and showers with tile in Saratoga Springs. Although tile can be an investment, it lasts forever and is the most durable floor covering available.

Businesses are popping up every where in Saratoga Springs since homes and families are popping up everywhere! Carpets America does tons of commercial work including many popular restaurants, gyms, office buildings, and apartment complexes. We know what products last, are easy to maintain, and can easily be replaced down the road if it gets damaged from high traffic or stains. We do tons of carpet tile and LVP in commercial spaces.

We’ve got you and your floors covered. Really, we do. We’ll help you pick something quickly that’s the right price for you. We even stock a lot of options to make sure we have the best rates for the best products in all price ranges. We’re experts and we’ll make sure your job is done right.