Cedar Hills

Carpets America has done work in Cedar Hills for years. Whether you’re building or renovating your home, we will make sure you are well taken care of.

With so many great options for floor coverings it can be helpful to have a brief knowledge of them before coming in to the store!

Carpet is really popular in Cedar Hills. It’s comfortable, warm to walk on, and great for kids. In Cedar Hills we see carpet in bedrooms, basements, and kid play areas. It’s easy to change too, so if your style changes it’s quick and affordable to change. However, since we’ve been in the carpet business for so long, we know which carpets are durable and pass the test of time for style.

Wood is really a great option. It’s timeless, high end, and adds value to your home, since it’s a natural surface each plank is unique. In Cedar Hills we see lots of wood on the entire main floor of a home. It’s popular in kitchens, large entertaining spaces, offices, and even bedrooms!

Tile is cold to walk on but it’s as durable as floor coverings can be. We do lots of tile work in Cedar Hills in bathrooms, tiling shower walls, backsplashes, fireplaces, and even sometimes we’ll tile an entire wall!

LVP is a new flooring invented to be a cheaper alternative to wood. It looks like wood but is actually made of a plastic vinyl planking system that clicks together (or it can be glued down). Since it is not a natural product, there will be repeated planks with the same graphic design. LVP can be great for its price and its durability.

Whether you’re fixing up the old or building something new, we’ve got your covered. We have high quality installers that can quickly get the job done the right way. We know how anxious you can be to finish renovating or move into your new home, and flooring is typically one of the last steps. Not only can we help you with your flooring, but we also sell blinds and area rugs. Let us take care of you and help you simplify the process.

Come on into the store, we’ll send you home with some samples and then we’ll come out and measure! Once we have your measurements we will send you bid, and if you choose to proceed, we’ll immediately get your product ordered and get you on the install calendar. We can’t wait to help you!