If you’re building or renovating in Lindon, let Carpets America help you find the best flooring for your home. We do carpet, wood, LVP (Luxury Vinyl Planking), tile, and more! We service homes in Lindon all the time since we’re right down the road on Provo Center Street.

At Carpets America we offer more than just flooring, we sell blinds, area rugs, and can even tile up your shower and do backsplashes. Simplify your building process or renovation by letting us help you with all areas we can to keep it all in the same hands. We all know that when too many hands get involved it can complicate the process.

With so many options it can be easy to feel overwhelmed when choosing what hard surfaces to pick along with your carpets. Carpet is soft, affordable, and perfect in bedrooms, basements, and kids’ areas, but which hard surface should you pick?

Wood: High end, timeless, natural. Wood is the only flooring that increases the value of your home. Because it’s natural each plank is unique, and it’s quiet to walk on. It’s warm to walk on barefoot as well. In Lindon, wood is really popular in kitchens, all areas of the main level of the home, and even in bedrooms sometimes.

LVP: Affordable, looks like wood, durable. LVP stands for “luxury vinyl planking”. It’s created out of plastic but it looks like wood for half the cost. It also doesn’t need to acclimate and expands and contracts less than wood. This is an affordable alternative to wood.

Tile: Durable, durable, durable! Tile can last forever. It’s easy to clean and difficult to break. Though it’s a bit pricey to install, it is great in bathrooms and laundry rooms. We can also tile your showers, fireplaces, and backsplashes!

Flooring is something you must see and touch. Come visit us in our store on Provo Center Street and we’ll show you great options at great prices. We even have almost 100 carpets in stock so that you can get the best style at the best price in your home. Come on in, we’ll send you home with some samples (carpet or hard surface) and then measure your home for free. If you choose to proceed, we’ll get the flooring purchased and set up an install. We can’t wait to work with you soon!