Whether you are building a home, opening an office building, or it’s time to replace your old carpet, we’ll take care of you. Carpets America has been around since our opening in 1978. We’ve got experience and have seen it all.

There are so many options to pick from and the best thing is to see and touch them. Carpets America is just down the road from Highland. Come on in to visit us Monday – Friday from 8-5 or or Saturday’s from 9-1. We will show you lots of options, whether it be wood, carpet, tile, or LVP. We’ll send you home with samples to check which colors look best in your house. Then we’ll come measure and give you a free estimate. After a decision is made, we order the product and get an install scheduled.


With so many options it can be good to know the highlights of each floor covering available. Carpet is soft, comfortable, and well-priced. It’s wonderful in bedrooms, basements, and anywhere where you want comfort for your feet! Wood is extremely popular in Highland as well. It’s high end, timeless, and increases the value of your home. Wood scratches easier than other surfaces, so it’s important to cover the furniture legs with felt pads. Also, because of Highland’s climate changing from hot to cold it’s recommended to have a humidifier in your home to limit the expansion and contraction of the wood. The natural, luxurious look of wood is unlike any other flooring type. The last of the popular options that we’ll mention here is called LVP. It stands for “Luxury Vinyl Planking”. It is a form of plastic vinyl that comes in planks that’s intended to look like wood. It can look extremely realistic and it’s more budget friendly and very durable.

Come on in and let us help you pick out the perfect carpet, wood, tile, or LVP. We’ll send you home with flooring samples, come and measure, then give you a quote. If you choose to go forward with installation, we’ll schedule a date.

We’re excited to help you with your floors!